WB55 Particle & CO2 Sensor

The NuWave Sensors TD40 is a sensitive and concise airborne particle measurement sensor. This unit is well suited to carrying out precise measurements of particle densities in clean and dust free facilities. The unit acquires the current particle concentration in the environment though it's internal air circulation system and particle concentrations at precise diameter intervals are calculated based on the scattering of a laser source. The measurement of concentrations of particles within specific diameter intervals is performed using advanced digital signal processing electronics. 

Typical Applications 

  • Monitoring of dust sensitive manufacturing environments
  • Food production and packaging facilities monitoring
  • Healthcare environment monitoring
  • Office and factory indoor air quality monitoring

TD40 Features


NuWave's Remote Monitoring System

You can monitor your connected TD40 sensor online and in real time using a NuWave Sensors cloud based 'HEX' monitoring account.

Set up is quick and easy — connect the data hub to an Ethernet point and your sensor will connect wirelessly and send data online

Once connected, data can be analysed online or be downloaded for more detailed analysis as well as linked with existing IT systems.

  • Remote monitoring, analysis and alerts
  • Plug & Play set up
  • No need for additional monitoring software systems
  • Optional GSM data connection available


Performance (Particle Sensor)

Number of Channels Particle bins 16
Particle sizes  Range 0.38 — 17 μm
Sampling interval  Time between readings 1-10 seconds
Flow Rate Air passing through sensor 1 L/min
Particle count rate Max number per second 10,000
Coincidence % 106 particles/L 0.24%
Communications Internal protocol SPI
Laser Laser class 3B
Calibration NIST traceable Yes
Certification & Compliance

Inputs and Outputs

Input 100-240V International Adapter DC 12V +/- 10%, 420mA (Supplied)
Power Consumption 130mA @12V
Wireless Outputs Zigeee 2.4Ghz Ethernet Gateway