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NuWave's QA20 is a PID based VOC sensor designed for very low, part per billion (ppb) measurements of most known volatile organic compounds between 0.5 ppb and 3 ppm (isobutylene equivalent). The sensor features a humidity resistant sensor with a rapid response time (10 seconds) and a 5 year lifetime. An externally accessible sensor enables fast access for calibration and servicing. 

The QA20 is a wireless sensor which enables remote monitoring using NuWave Sensors cloud based 'HEX' system. This plug and play system enables a remote monitoring setup to be installed in minutes-providing continuous monitoring and analysis. 

Typical Applications 

• Medical environments

• IVF Laboratories

• Pharmaceutical

• Semiconductor manufacturing

QA20 Features

NuWave's Remote Monitoring System

You can monitor your connected 0A20 sensor online and in real time using a NuWave Sensors cloud based 'HEX' monitoring account.

Set up is quick and easy — connect the data hub to an Ethernet point and your sensor will connect wiretessty and send data online. Once connected, data can be analysed online or be downloaded for more detailed analysis as well as linked with existing IT systems.

• Remote monitoring, analysis and alerts

• Plug & Play set up

• No need for additional monitoring software systems

• Optional GSM data connection available



Performance (VOC Sensor)

Target Gases Targets most know Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
Minimum Detection Limit 0.5ppb
Overrange 3 ppm
Warm up time 10 minutes
Response time 10 seconds
Two point calibration Calibration system available - Can be calibrated by user
Sensor Lifetime >5 Years with annual service



Temperature range Operating Temperature °C 0 to 104°F
Humidity range % RH continuous 5 to 95%
Enclosure IP rating at proper indoor installation IP40
Weight Enclosure weigh without adapters 186g
Certification & Compliance


Inputs and Outputs

Input 100-240V International Adapter DC 12V +/- 10%. lA (Supplied)
Power Consumption 60mA@ 12V nominal ---------
Wireless Outputs ZigBee 2.4Ghz Ethernet Gateway