With NuWave's HEX Cloud Software you can monitor your connected air quality sensors online and in real time using a free NuWave Sensor Data online account. 

Set up is quick and easy — connect the data hub to an Ethernet point or use a 3G sim card and your sensors will connect wirelessly and send data online Once connected, data can be analysed online or downloaded for more detailed analysis as well as linked with existing IT systems. 

• Easy to use

• Remote monitoring

• Plug & Play set up

• No need for additional monitoring software systems

HEX Features

Online Monitoring

Online Monitoring

Access real time air quality data from anywhere using the free online account you receive with your sensors. You can add multiple sensors to one account.

Cloud Based

Data is stored in the cloud for analysis or can be linked to existing IT systems

Data Graphing

Real time data can be visualised with easy to understand graphs detailing current and historical air quality readings. Different sensors have different graphing options.

Multiple Platforms

Data can be accessed from any internet browser and the responsive interface can be used on web mobile and tablet.


Set up and manage e-mail alerts whenever air quality reaches a level where action is required. Easily customise when alerts are received and how often you are alerted with features such as Do Not Disturb.

Export Your Data

Data can be exported to a CSV file which you can download for detailed offline analysis. A date picker allows you to select the date range to download.