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We spend roughly 25% of our time at work so managing air quality at the office is important! Indoor air can be 5 times more polluted than outdoor air and poor air quality at work can have an impact on our productivity and lead to symptoms such as eye, skin and airway irritation, headaches and fatigue. 

NuWave's cair smart air quality sensor for office environments is designed to meet Well Building Standard Requirements by detecting the presence of Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) and monitoring particle density (PM10, PM2.5) as well as environmental parameters (temperature and humidity). 

Each cair sensor is connected to a cloud database via local Wi-Fi connectivity and data can be exported in CSV format to e-mail for detailed offline analysis.

Typical Applications 

• Office air quality monitoring

• Demand controlled ventilation monitoring

• VOC monitoring as part of building fit out

• Compliance with Well Building Standard 

Cair Features 

cair sensor software - for commercial applications

Your cair sensor can be used with an app available on Google Play and the iOS App store. The app can be used to set up each sensor with your Wi-Fi network and one account permits multiple logins to the app for real time monitoring of sensor data.

For detailed analysis of sensor data, a web portal login provides functionality for commercial customers to download and analyse data offline. Data is sent by e-mail in CSV format.


Performance (VOC Sensor)

Sensing Range VOC, measured in parts per million  450-4000 ppm 
Accuracy Across full range +/- 15 ppm
Resolution RMS noise (ppb equivalent) ©250ppb 10ppm
Warm-up time To reach optimal detection performance 5 mins

Performance (Particle Sensor) 

Sensing Range  Particle concentration 10-600μg/m3
No. of Channels Particle Bins (PM2.5, PM10) 2
Particle Sizes 
0.3μm - lOμm
Across Full Range
Warm-up time
To reach optimal detection performance
5 mins


Temperature range  Operating Temperature °C  0 to 50°C 
Temperature range 
Storage Temperature °C -25 to 50°C
Humidity range % RH continuous 5 to 95% 

Inputs and Outputs

Input 100-240V International Adapter USB 5V, 1A (supplied)
Power Consumption 130mA @ 5V   -
Wireless Outputs WiFi 802.11/g/n@ 2.4Ghz Data updates once per minute